About our Hippie Brand

A local brand for local women!

The Maman Hippie Brand is a company run by women for women. Accessorize your everyday life to bring a hippie vibe to your different looks.

We pay special attention to detail for optimal comfort and the most ethical production possible, which is why we work with small factories that encourage economic development and the creation of healthy, well-paid jobs.

All our products are designed in Levis, and ethically produced abroad The FREE SPIRIT Collection is made In Quebec Canada - and soon we will add other products! Our goal is to offer quality products at a fair price.

A portion of our annual profits are donated each year to organizations that help people living with eating disorders. A cause that is close to our hearts, since we really want every woman to be able to appreciate her own body.

Comfort for all bodies!

We have never used professional models. This is one of the most important choices we make every day, we celebrate the female body by giving it love and comfort. This is why our products are and will continue to be worn by hippie fans. Women with different bodies, skin types, cellulite, hair, makeup for 5@7, or au naturel at home or while working out, the Hippie Mom brand follows you and wants to celebrate you!