HIPPIE Ambassadors


Thanks to the HIPPIE Ambassadors program we offer you, the Hippie Mom brand fan, the opportunity to become an affiliate partner of our beautiful collections.

Are you a true Hippie at heart, do you love to accessorize your looks and your everyday life and do you like to talk about it around you? If so, you're made to join our beautiful team of hippie ambassadors.

We need YOU to help us spread the word about the mission and values of the Hippie Mom Brand, to spread the word about our accessories and the values of self-acceptance and outreach that is the Hippie Mom Brand.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Hippie family and together spread our passion for the world of hippie fashion.

But how does it work?

It's very simple, earn 10% (or more) commission on all sales (increase your commission when you reach your sales goals)

♡ You must have a minimum total sales of 500 $ per year placed via your affiliate link which you can share in person, on social media or on your website/blog.

O ccasional bonus contest and customer promo codes.

♡ One-time special offer for you and your loved ones

S ales and marketing training via our newsletters and exclusive Facebook group

Access to high quality images and graphics

♡ Be the first to know about new products

Test new products before they are made public

A challenging, fun and safe environment

Use accessories, pretty, boho, affordable for all your looks!


A base commission of 10% is given on all products, unless there are exceptions. You get 10% commission on the first sale, until reaching the next sales goal to get a higher commission. Commission payments are made once you reach 120$ commission.

Reach a sales goal of

900$ and receive 15% commission
1,200$ and receive 20% commission

2,500$ and receive 25% commission

As easy as 1,2,3

  1. Sign up (on the link below)
  2. Get your welcome letter from us with all the information!
  3. Take your links and share them anywhere
  4. Start earning commission!


In order to maintain your affiliate status, we require a minimum of 500$ sales per year. That's usually 1 to 3 orders per month. This is equivalent to a personal order of 15 $ and a friend's order of 15$ going through your affiliate link. If your sales do not reach the required minimum of 500 $ after one year, we may take the liberty of deleting your account to make room for more applicants.

Affiliate accounts are reviewed at the beginning of each year.

All participants must have a PayPal account (in order to receive payments).

Commission is calculated on the total order before taxes and shipping.

You will receive commission payments every time your commission reaches 120 $ via PayPal.

If an affiliate joins in the middle of the year, it is important to note that our program is pro-rated. Since we require minimum sales of 500 $ per year with an annual review in January, if an affiliate joins the program in October of this year, we expect their sales to be 42$ in December.

PLEASE NOTE: The affiliate program is designed to add value to the Hippie Mom brand and bring commission to affiliates through their own marketing efforts. If affiliates receive a coupon code, that code is intended to be promoted by the affiliates themselves. If we find affiliate coupon codes on coupon websites, the affiliate will receive a warning before termination

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